About Andre

After years of employment with a large JSE listed ICT provider I came to a very important conclusion - I’m really good at understanding the requirements of a business and translating that into relevant information technology solutions.

And I would love to work with small businesses adapting systems and creating solutions for them - all day, every day...

So, I started my own business - Elasticity.

I couldn’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t - I have close to ten years experience working on local and international IT infrastructure projects as well as site management, client management, systems design and supplier management experience.

My extensive knowledge of virtualisation, networking, Internet services, open systems and licensing management are also a vital asset to my clients.

I translate SME business challenges into information technology solutions. In other words, I will set your business up with the technology you need to function at your best. I also offer services such as systems design, procurement co-ordination, solution implementation and project oversight.

And once your system is established I will assist in moving the support responsibilities over to your support team, along with the relevant training and processes.

Allow Elasticity to transform your business.

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